Hiking Checklist

Day Hiking Checklist Clothing & Footwear Backpacks & bags Moisture-wicking underwear Moisture-wicking T-shirt Quick-drying pants/shorts Long-sleeve shirt (for sun, bugs)   Lightweight fleece or jacket Boots or shoes suited to terrain Socks (synthetic or wool) Gaiters   Extra clothes  *  (beyond the minimum expectation)   Additional items for rainy and/or cold weather: Rainwear (jacket and pants) Long underwear Warm, insulated jacket or vest Fleece pants Gloves or mittens Warm hat   Food & Water Water bottles and/or reservoir  Water filter/purifier or chemical treatment  Trail snacks Lunch Extra day's supply of food    Navigation   Map Compass Altimeter watch  GPS  Satellite messenger/personal locator beacon    Emergency & First Aid   First-aid kit or first-aid supplies  Lighter/matches and fire starter  Emergency shelter  Whistle   Health & Hygiene Hand sanitizer Me

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